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Find out about Carbonapp's partner labels and certifications to offset your carbon emissions.

At Carbonapp, we have one goal : offer you projects with high environmental value that meet all the needs of your low-carbon strategy.  Offsetting its emissions becomes quick, simple and allows you to truly commit to a sustainable approach. Because quality is the spearhead of Carbonapp, we cooperate with various certification bodies, both national and international, to find you the best projects looking for a contributor.

Contribute to French projects of high environmental value
Logo Label bas-carbone

Offset its emissions in France? It is possible, and in the best possible way. In 2018, the Label bas-carbone (LBC) was created by the Ministry of Ecological Transition with I4CE. As a rigorous label with high potential, it allows French organisations to offset their emissions locally, by contributing to projects carefully chosen before certification.

The LBC highlights carbon sequestering projects in various sectors (agriculture, forestry, construction, etc.). Although it is constantly evolving, it is already providing concrete solutions to those involved in the ecological transition.

Fund compensation projects with an international label

The Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) is the most widely used voluntary carbon offset label in the world. Existing since 2006 as an NGO, its certification is based on the foundations of the Kyoto Protocol.


1700 projects have been labeled for 630 million carbon offset since its creation, making this player the leader in the global carbon offset market. Its credibility is largely based on the expertise and thoroughness of its teams. Finally, the VCS aims to be a pioneer in the development of innovative technologies, giving a chance to many carriers of ambitious projects.

Logo VCS
Contribute to compensation projects with a renowned international standard
Logo Gold Standard

Founded in 2003 by WWF accompanied by many conservationists, the Gold Standard Foundation set up this label one year after its creation. with a solid international reputation, the label imposes numerous rules on project leaders wishing to have their carbon credits certified.


It incorporates 5 criteria essential to the good quality of projects: additionality, reliability, traceability, irreversibility as well as contribution to sustainable development.

Go beyond carbon offset with projects of excellence at a social and a biodiversity level 

Plan Vivo has been working to protect the climate and local communities since 1996. It is the benchmark for high-quality international projects, going well beyond simple carbon sequestration. The eligibility criteria for this label specializing in soil activities are particularly demanding.

Each project must propose concrete solutions for the preservation of the environment, allow the fight against poverty, support local sustainable development. Strict conditions making Plan Vivo a key player in voluntary carbon offsetting with high environmental and social value.

Logo Plan Vivo
Help achieve global carbon neutrality goals thanks to the UNO

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) aims to define climate issues and provide concrete solutions. Founded in 1992 at the Rio summit, it developed CERs, carbon credits generated by projects that avoid or sequester carbon, largely in emerging countries.

Logo VCS
For a healthy and sustainable carbon contribution

Thanks to this multitude of players with national or international credibility, Carbonapp supports you in your choice of financing by offering you tailor-made projects that meet your expectations. Although these labels are preferred by our teams, our field of intervention is broader and can adapt to your carbon offset objectives.

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