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Carbonapp and its eco-friendly platform

With the CSR Congress in June 2022, Carbonapp is launching its new online platform. It will

not only provide full exposure to carbon offset projects across France, but also enable you to

monitor the progress of your projects in real time if you choose to collaborate with us.

If Carbonapp seeks to promote its projects, it must be in line with its environmental commitments. Visiting a website, whether on a computer or a smartphone, has an energy and thus a carbon footprint, one for which we are responsible. As stated when we joined the Climate Act, and reiterated last May with the completion of our carbon assessment: "We will not be shoemakers with bad shoes". Reducing our carbon footprint and limiting its growth with the development of the company is at the heart of our concerns. This is why, when creating its platform, Carbonapp set up a "low-carbon" version, reducing its energy demand and using carbon-friendly servers.

You can therefore browse our platform in a normal or " low carbon " mode. Our eco-design is based on the following principles :

The dark theme: Much less energy consuming than the light theme, this version with white letters on a black background will increase the autonomy of your computer or phone by using up to 6 times less energy.

The images: When loading a web page, all the elements must be collected, whether it is the font, the texts... Including the photos which can be particularly energy consuming. A first solution would be to optimize their weight by changing their format and compressing them, but we have chosen to go further. When the low-carbon mode is activated, images that are not essential, i.e. that do not impact the understanding of the projects, will be removed. This will reduce the energy needed to use the platform and thus its carbon footprint.

The web safe fonts: This principle is similar to that of the images. Where some websites use fonts hosted online, using the ones that are already on the devices reduces the number of requests when opening a web page. It then takes less time, less energy, and therefore emits less carbon.

Regardless of the low-carbon version, the platform will also be using carbon-friendly servers. As anyone can imagine, providing 24/7 services as web hosting providers do requires a large amount of energy. In terms of carbon footprint, it is estimated that if the internet were a country, it would be among the top 10 polluters in the world. Carbonapp's goal is to use environmentally friendly web hosts, powered by renewable energy and located in France only.

Setting up this platform is a sign of Carbonapp's ambitions, not only for its development and its promises to its customers, but also for its environmental values. Climate exemplarity should not only apply to our projects, but it must also be part of our daily approach.

Article written by Axelle Rimpot.


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