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You wish to understand all the intricacies of carbon offsetting
and take part in projects to fight against climate change?
free program is for you!
3 one-to-one one-hour discussion sessions
with a carbon expert on three key topics.

Click on the module(s) of your choice to register.

3 sessions d'échanges d'une heure en one-to-one avec un expert carbone sur trois sujets clés.

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Introduction to the world of carbon offsetting

  • The M-A-R-O method [Measure, Avoid, Reduce, Offset] : keys to a successful climate strategy.

  • Focus on the different public and private, French and international compensation/contribution standards.

  • Compensation and contribution, how to avoid greenswashing and carry out actions that make sense?

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Definition of my strategy and my specifications

  • What are the criteria allowing me to define my contribution specifications?

  • What are the co-benefits that I can associate with it?

  • How to consider the contribution trajectory in my global low-carbon strategy, SBTi, Net Zero Initiative and others?

  • Convince internal and external stakeholders of the merits of the approach.

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Contractual, legal and accounting aspects

  • Type of contract: carbon credit vs...

  • How to account for carbon certificates, fixed assets and depreciation, capex?

  • How to follow the life of the project over time and make sure to avoid any risk of stopping or abandonment.

  • Invite your legal and/or accounting managers!

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  • Understand why and how to measure my carbon footprint.

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