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Carbonapp CSR Charter: the carbon offset operator


Carbonapp is a voluntary carbon offset operator

Rich in expertise, our company enables its customers, businesses or local authorities, to offset their residual greenhouse gas emissions by financing sustainable local projects. Not just an intermediary, Carbonapp helps referent players to obtain the Low Carbon Label , supports funders throughout the entire process and participates in the continuous improvement of the carbon offset system.

All the employees working for Carbonapp joined the team above all for the sustainable project that the company carries. Each member of this team has a particular appetite for solving the major climate change issues of our time in all sectors, and more particularly for enabling the emergence of concrete projects that fight against the greenhouse effect. Carbon , which brought us together, encourages us every day to consider other environmental, social and ethical issues. We want to go beyond our commitment to intervene on various major themes and thus participate, at our level, in the shift that the sectors must make for a sustainable society.

It is in this approach that we jointly decided to carry out the CSR Charter of Carbonapp.

Our objective is twofold: to be able to formalize our actions and commitments in the eyes of stakeholders, but also to be part of a policy of constant improvement of our practices at all levels of CSR.

This charter is divided into 3 axes: Environment, Social and Economic. Obviously, as a company specializing in the fight against climate change, environmental practices have a more significant scope because they represent the deep motivations of Carbonapp. However, the other two axes are not neglected. Indeed, the voluntary compensation system on which Carbonapp operates implies total transparency in the management of project financing, in a manner similar to sponsorship practices, and therefore covering the themes of responsibility and sociability.

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Our CSR charter is part of a continuous improvement process:

The entire team is particularly vigilant to our customers' requests. In most cases, they are CSR Departments. Internally, the team is constantly looking to improve its practices. Although not ISO 26000 certified for the moment, this charter will be enriched each year. Participating in the climate effort through its activity, without adopting a sustainable approach internally, seems inconceivable to us.

This charter was designed thanks to the active participation of all Carbonapp employees and the Management

The commitments of our customers and daily contacts, who are CSR Managers, have also inspired us a lot.

Each Carbonapp employee commits, like the managers and shareholders, to respect all of this CSR charter and to participate in its development.

In order to facilitate the integration of this approach within the team, Carbonapp allowed one of its employees to receive training in the ISO 26000 Standard .

A quarterly meeting will monitor Carbonapp's commitments. All employees will be invited to attend. An agenda will be established, minutes will be written and archived.

With a reduced scope but still useful, Carbonapp wants to integrate with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

In the 17 objectives defined by the United Nations, the company undertakes to respect each of them, but also to participate in the development of some through its activity, such as the creation of sustainable cities and towns, the improvement consumption and production methods in France, the preservation of life on earth, but also the fight against climate change.

Homme dans une réunion d'entreprise

- Sorting bins: Carbonapp has made recycling bins available for cardboard, glass, household waste, as well as compost in the Rennes premises. The objective is to reduce the footprint of a product as much as possible if it is essential for the proper functioning of the company. The intention of the teams is above all to throw away as little waste as possible.

- Reconditioned equipment: Whether electrical or electronic (computers, remote screens, fleets of mobile phones, etc.), each piece of equipment supplied by the company to employees is reconditioned to limit the impact generated by the purchase of new equipment. Likewise, it minimizes the use of cardboard and plastic present in the packaging.

- Mobilizations for waste collection: Once a month in the city of Rennes, the Carbonapp team organizes waste collection days, in order to raise awareness of sustainable development issues. These collections are independent.

Energy consumption :

- Optimization of electricity consumption: Carbonapp has chosen to offer offices to teams in order to reduce the individual consumption of each employee. The use of computers, essential, is limited as far as possible. Slates and paintings are also preferred when possible.

- A team on a human scale and an activity in the tertiary sector: Carbonapp is very energy efficient. The goal is still to reduce residual energy consumption as much as possible. The impact of scope 2 on the company's greenhouse gas emissions remains almost insignificant.

Transport - CO2:

Our commitment by 2022: Carbonapp is committed to achieving its carbon footprint for 2021 by integrating 3 fundamental criteria:

1 / Avoidance action plan
2 / Reduction plan
3 / Trajectory of minimum carbon neutrality, or even contribution.

- Accessible offices: Whether in Paris or Rennes, the offices are ideally located. They allow employees to go to their place of work without using means of transport considered to be polluting (car, plane, etc.). In Rennes, all employees use cycling or walking. For Paris, public transport is a priority.

- Long-distance mode of transport: For national journeys, the Carbon engineer, in charge of the vast majority of journeys, has a car powered by Bio NGV. This one is able to drive without any fossil fuel. Ultimately, Carbonapp's objective is to increase the number of cars of the type for employees making frequent trips. Today, the company encourages the use of the TGV, or other low-carbon modes of transport. The use of the plane for domestic flights is excluded, with the exception of train journeys of more than 5 hours.

- Avoidance of travel-related emissions: Before even considering reducing emissions, teams seek to minimize long journeys at the expense of videoconferencing, which is much more beneficial from an environmental point of view. This is how the company acts under the rule: limit long trips to meetings with project leaders and other essential meetings.

Carbonapp is part of an ecological and sustainable approach. Proud to offer its customers solutions in line with climate transition objectives by 2050, the company is also committed to limiting its carbon footprint internally. At our level, we participate in these changes through concrete actions. Even though the team has offices in Paris and Rennes, ecological and responsible practices remain the backbone of each employee.

Waste management :

- Zero plastic policy:

Carbonapp offers employees to minimize, as far as possible, the use of plastic necessary for the company's activity. Cups, cutlery, plastic work equipment… are avoided in favor of more durable products. Thus, the purchase of supplies for employees is part of this process.

- Provision of kitchens in the offices: In Paris as in Rennes, the teams use a fully equipped kitchen in order to limit the waste generated by take-out orders (plastic, cardboard boxes, disposable cutlery, etc.).

- Elimination of single-use towels, limitation of the use of paper and other non-essential consumer products:

Use of reusable napkins, boards and slates reconditioned with durable markers. For paper, printing is limited to strictly administrative documents or even other essential documents. In addition, ink usage is severely limited. Carbonapp plans to acquire paper of renewable origin.


Health security :

- Integrity at work: Carbonapp is committed to establishing an ideal working environment to improve the condition of employees, while respecting the physical, psychological and moral integrity of each.

- In times of health crisis, in particular the Covid 19, Carbonapp respects the rules of hygiene within the premises. The company provides masks as well as hydroalcoholic gel and is vigilant about social distancing.

- Sports hall in the Rennes premises: In order to guarantee and improve the physical condition of its employees, Carbonapp has made available a sports hall in the Rennes offices which is accessible free of charge at any time. The company covers the entire cost of using the room.

- Respect for rights: Carbonapp is committed to respecting the entirety of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Working conditions :

- Comfort at work: Beyond an ideal, easily accessible location, the premises have the particularity of offering calm, comfort and light to employees, in Paris and Rennes. In the Breton city, the offices are equipped with a relaxation room, a kitchen and a bathroom in order to guarantee the well-being of the staff outside working hours.

- Quality equipment: The purchase of equipment is adapted to the demands of employees (seats, desks, tables, computers) if it respects the values and commitments of Carbonapp with respect to its CSR charter (such as the purchase of reconditioned products).

- Equality M / F: Carbonapp supports the supplement to the primary insurance funds for maternity and paternity leave. Full salary is maintained for the duration of the leave (paternity or maternity). In terms of recruitment, since men are predominantly represented in the workforce, a balance is sought by recruiting women when possible.

- Employee training: The collecting body for Carbonapp's training budgets (OPCO) is Atlas. These budgets feed the personal training account (CPF) individually for each employee, and the company training plan, which is a collective budget.


- Inter-employee relations: twice a month, the team meets around team buildings, through various activities promoting integration, such as team games (Escape games), sports activities (tree climbing), as well as as many other leisure activities. Carbonapp wants to improve relations between employees through activities outside of working time. Cohesion and benevolence are crucial points for the Parisian and Rennes teams.

- Work atmosphere: Carbonapp takes many actions to maintain the balance between well-being at work and rigor. Beyond the material comfort, exchanges between employees are facilitated. Fun games and moments of discussion are organized daily in order to stem stress and perpetuate relationships. Each employee participates in these actions by proposing their ideas for activities.

- Individual support: Concerned about the well-being of the employee, individual interviews are organized once a month in order to carry out an assessment of the employee's situation. Many subjects are discussed: well-being at work, delegation of missions, the employee's short, medium and long-term objectives ...  Carbonapp's objective is to create a framework where dialogue is at the heart of the company's activities. It is through this method that each employee can flourish in their missions, while remaining productive.

- Empowering management: Carbonapp's policy is to empower employees and promote internal exchanges, whether horizontal or vertical. Carbonapp welcomes the increase in skills of employees, allowing them to put forward their ideas and their curiosity. The company promotes cross-functional management improves working conditions and the atmosphere between employees. Within this policy are formed the transverse meetings, the distribution of the tasks as well as the follow-up of the activities.

- Telework: Focused on listening and employee well-being, Carbonapp offers flexible and flexible working conditions. For example, it is possible to request teleworking days without any compensation.

Trombinoscope de l'équipe Carbonapp

Diversity / Discrimination:

- Parity: Anxious to avoid any form of discrimination, Carbonapp advocates impartiality as to sex, age, social, professional, physical, ethnic condition of any employee. In order to go beyond these practices, the teams aim to promote inclusion and equity within the activities, and this for within each process (recruitment, training, promotion, management, etc.) . Carbonapp respects all laws related to respect for workers as well as harassment, or any other form of discrimination.

- Non-discrimination charter: Carbonapp is committed by signing the Diversity Charter dedicated to employers. It goes beyond the legal framework and encourages the company to integrate the problems of discrimination and diversity at the heart of its CSR policy. Signing this charter allows Carbonapp to formalize its commitment to this fight and to propose concrete actions in the months and years to come.


Healthy competition:

- Responsibility towards suppliers: In order to officially highlight its best practices, Carbonapp has undertaken to implement a responsible purchasing charter within two years. For the moment, it is doing everything it can to integrate a responsible and sustainable policy with suppliers. It is in the direction of this approach that the company wishes to turn.

- A driving force for the offset market: Carbonapp, through its activity, participates in the development of the carbon offset market by working with the entire value chain, upstream and downstream: design offices, Project Owners, Funders, stakeholders, etc. This is how we integrate ourselves into the compensation ecosystem and make sure to enrich it as much as possible, without compromising the economic health of any organization and by favoring a fair redistribution of value.

- Responsible competition:  Carbonapp refuses to enter a monopoly situation. The objective is to maintain healthy competition. It should be noted that our company operates in the carbon offsetting market, which will only find momentum in the presence of a multiplicity of players. Carbonapp is aware of this and therefore wishes to collaborate with new competing players, in order to give more weight to carbon offsetting on the French markets.

- Transparency: Carbonapp, displays complete transparency on the distribution of funding between intermediaries and project leaders. In fact, the company works through intermediation between funders and project leaders. Thus, the funder remunerates Carbonapp and other partners responsible for the implementation of the project. Likewise, upon request, our team undertakes to maintain full transparency on the financial distribution of projects.

- Prevention of corruption: The risk of corruption represents a low risk, Carbonapp is setting up a process to fight against all forms of corruption (extortion of funds, bribes, conflict of interest, fraud, etc.). Even though it is still young, the company has never been involved in a single legal process.

Commitment to the community:

- An impact on local activity: Carbonapp works with all types of customers in all sectors, as well as with local authorities. Its intervention therefore has a real impact on the territories and their dynamics. Indeed, it promotes collaboration between the parties in the most local way possible, allowing a very localized dynamic, departmental or even communal. Carbonapp cooperates in the form of partners with public and private actors. In addition, our teams work with federations, unions and unions of project promoter sectors in order to maintain a local impact at the national level.

Equipe de forestiers

- Participation in the evolution of carbon offsetting: Our company works on the continuous improvement of offsetting in France, a local and virtuous system. Carbonapp works with the Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition as well as with the services of the DGEC (Directorate General for Energy and Climate). This work makes it possible to stabilize this still young system which is the Low-Carbon Label, for all the players and the entire value chain, for the objectives. It is in line with France's net carbon neutrality objectives for 2050. In terms of actions, Carbonapp is participating in the development of low-carbon methods.

Local recruitment: Our team, made up of around ten staff, brings out young talents, often in training. Carbonapp bases its model on the integration of work-study students and trainees in order to allow them to upgrade their skills before being hired on a permanent contract. This is how our team works in close collaboration with the Unilasalle school in Rennes, with which it exchanges regularly on various subjects and which recruits some of these students.

Find our CSR charter in PDF format - Carbonapp CSR Charter

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