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Label B Corp: the commitment of our partner BackMarket, a pioneer in sustainability in France

Today, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of their purchasing choices on the environment and society. Companies dedicated to sustainable and ethical practices are therefore gaining popularity. The B Corp (Benefit Corporation) label is a certification granted to companies that meet strict standards in terms of social and environmental responsibility. In France, BackMarket, an online sales platform for refurbished electronic products, recently obtained this prestigious certification.


The B Corp label is awarded by B Lab, a non-profit organization based in the United States. This makes it possible to evaluate companies according to rigorous and independent criteria, in particular governance, social practices, environmental impact and transparency. It is then proof of a company's involvement in its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy.

To obtain this certification, a company must demonstrate that it seeks to maximize its positive impact on society and the environment, in addition to generating economic benefits.


BackMarket is a French company, founded in 2014, specializing in the online sale of refurbished electronic products. It quickly established itself as a major player in the circular economy by offering a sustainable alternative to the purchase of new products of this type.

By extending the life of devices through refurbishment and resale, BackMarket helps reduce electronic waste and the greenhouse gas emissions associated to the production of devices..


To obtain the B Corp label, BackMarket had to undergo a comprehensive assessment process of its impact on society and the environment. The company has demonstrated its commitment through several initiatives:

  • Responsible governance : BackMarket has an operational Mission Committee representative of its stakeholders, marking progress on sustainability topics in their governance;

  • Social practices : BackMarket is committed to promoting fair and inclusive working conditions. The company provides its employees with benefits, personal and professional development opportunities, and a respectful work environment;

  • Environmental impact : BackMarket focuses on reducing e-waste. By encouraging the purchase of refurbished products, the company helps conserve natural resources and minimize the carbon footprint of producing new devices;

  • Transparency : BackMarket has already published its Carbon Footprint, allowing consumers and stakeholders to assess its real impact.

The B Corp label thus demonstrates BackMarket's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. By choosing B Corp certified companies like BackMarket, French consumers can be assured of supporting players who are committed to creating a better world.

As a company concerned about French environmental performance, Carbonapp naturally made a commitment with BackMarket.


A new method was co-developed by Carbonapp, Carbone 4, BackMarket, but also Largo and United-B, major players in reconditioning. This, moving away from the carbon contribution / carbon offsetting processes relating to living things (forest, agriculture, etc.), revolves around the collection, reconditioning, reuse and remarketing of electrical and end-of-life electronics. This is based on emission savings and decarbonization thanks to the avoidance of the manufacture of new products, requiring numerous energy and mineral resources, and by reducing the number and distances linked to the journeys made by electronic products during their life cycle.

In the process of obtaining the Low Carbon label from the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, it will allow small and large-scale projects relating to the reconditioning sector to develop in France in the years to come, encouraging the reduction of the borrowing digital carbon.


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